Zhongliang Holdings Group Co Ltd (8223) 2021-2

USD250.0001Jan-22Senior--B+FixedYLD8.2% a7.8%-7.50%-99.71700
Tranche Comments
1 yr: Registration: Reg S Only; Comments: USD250m 364-day fxd. snr RegS. B+. UBS/Guotai Junan/BOCOMI/CLSA/TF/Vision. 7.8% (the #). 8.2% area. Refinance. Books over US$1.4bn (Incl. JLM US$130m) at FPG. Distribution: ASIA 94%, EMEA 6% | AM/FM 56%, CORP/FI/BANK 20%, PB 24%;
Subsidiary Guarantors: Certain of the Issuer’s Restricted Subsidiaries incorporated outside the PRC
Use of Proceeds