Airport Authority Hong Kong (AIAUT) 2021-3

USD900.00010Feb-31Sr. Unsecured-AA+-FixedTsyT+100 aT+75 a651.63%-99.14000
USD600.00030Feb-51Sr. Unsecured-AA+-FixedTsyT+120 aT+95 a802.63%-99.71100
Tranche Comments
10 yr: Book size: 4400; Registration: 144A/Reg S; Comments: USD900m 10yr snr unsec RegS/144A. AA+. BofA/HSBC/StCh/UBS/BOCI/Citi/DB/Miz. T+100bp area. T+75bp area, FPPG T+65 (the #). Launch 900m. With 30yr, combined books >US$10.25bn (Incl. JBR US$285m). Distribution: ASIA 58% EMEA 9% US 33%/ FM 50% BANKS 28% CB/SWF 13% Ins/PFs 7% OTHERS 2%; 30 yr: Book size: 4100; Registration: 144A/Reg S; Comments: USD600m 30yr snr unsec RegS/144A. AA+. BofA/HSBC/StCh/UBS/BOCI/Citi/DB/Miz. T+120bp area. T+95bp area, FPG T+80 (the #). Launch 600m. With 10yr, combined books>US$10.25bn (Incl. JBR US$285m). Distribution: ASIA 63% EMEA 5% US 32%/ FM 65% Ins/PFs 24% CB/SWF 5% BANKS 4% OTHERS 2%;
Deal Comments
Yankee Bond
Use of Proceeds