Hidrovias Finance International Sarl (HIDRVS) 2021-1

USD500.00010Feb-31Sr. UnsecuredBa3BB-FixedYLDMid 5% a--4.95%-100.00000
Tranche Comments
10 yr: Redemption: 2026-02-08; Comments: US$500m 10NC5 (02/08/2031) at 100.00; 4.95%C. S/D 2/8;
Hidrovias do Brasil SA, Hidrovias del Sur SA, Hidrovias del Paraguay SA, Girocantex SA, Cikelsol SA, Pricolpar SA, Hidrovias do Brasil – Vila do Conde SA and Hidrovias do Brasil – Holding Norte SA
Use of Proceeds
To finance concurrent tender offer and general corporate purposes