Republic of San Marino 2021-1

EUR340.0003Feb-24Sr. UnsecuredNRNRBB+FixedB3.75% a3.25-3.5%396.93.25%-100.00000
Tranche Comments
3 yr: Registration: Reg S Only; Comments: EUR340m(upsized from EUR300m) 3yr. BB+ Fitch. CS/JPM(B&D). IPTs 3.75% area, guidance 3.25%/3.5% (wpir), launched 340m at 3.25%. Final book 1.4bn+. OBL 0% 10/23 + 396.9bp. LEI: 5299009BDP7ZQ4185U27;
Use of Proceeds
Repay debt and general development projects