Arab Petroleum Investments Corp (APICORP) (APICORP) 2021-2

USD250.0004.9Feb-26Sr. UnsecuredAa2AA-FixedSwapsMS+45 aMS+40 a391.26%-100.14700
Tranche Comments
4.9 yr: Book size: 315; Registration: Reg S Only; Comments: USD250m WNG tap of 750m 1.26% Feb 2026 RegS notes. Aa2/AA. BofA/CCB/Citi/ENBD/Maybank/Nomura/StCh. IPT MS+45 area, guidance MS+40 (+/-1 WPIR), launch 250m @ MS+39, bk >315m (125m JPM), peak >450m. FTT 8am Thurs;
Deal Comments
USD250m tap of 750m 1.26% due 2/10/2026.