Republic of Peru (PERU) 2021-1

USD1,750.00010Jan-31Sr. UnsecuredA3BBB+BBB+FixedTsyT+160 aT+130 a1252.78%-100.41200
USD1,250.00020Mar-41Sr. UnsecuredA3BBB+BBB+FixedTsyT+175 aT+145 a1403.30%-96.31600
USD1,000.00030Mar-51Sr. UnsecuredA3BBB+BBB+FixedTsyT+180 aT+150 a1453.55%-96.60900
Tranche Comments
10 yr: First Pay: 2021-07-23; Registration: Registered; Comments: USD1.75bn 10yr 2.783% fxd. SEC Registered. BofA/JPM/MS. T+160 area. T+125; 20 yr: First Pay: 2021-09-11; Registration: Registered; Comments: USD1.25bn 20yr fxd. SEC Registered. BofA/JPM/MS. T+175 area. T+140; 30 yr: First Pay: 2021-09-10; Registration: Registered; Comments: USD1bn 30yr fxd. SEC Registered. BofA/JPM/MS. T+180 area. T+145;
Deal Comments
USD$1.75bn tap of 2.783% due 1/23/2031
Use of Proceeds
General budgetary requirements for fiscal year 2021