FedEx Corp (FDX) 2021-2

USD1,000.00010May-31Sr. UnsecuredBaa2BBB-FixedTsyT+110 aT+90 a87.52.40%-1.599.67100
USD750.00020May-41Sr. UnsecuredBaa2BBB-FixedTsyT+135 aT+115 a112.53.25%-1.599.60400
Tranche Comments
10 yr: Book size: 2800; First Pay: 2021-11-15; Redemption: 2031-02-15; Registration: Registered; Comments: US$1bn 2.40% cpn 10yr (5/15/31) at 99.671, yld 2.437%. T+87.5bp. MWC T+15bp; 20 yr: Book size: 2200; First Pay: 2021-11-15; Redemption: 2040-11-15; Registration: Registered; Comments: US$750m 3.25% cpn 20yr (5/15/41) at 99.604, yld 3.277%. T+112.5bp. MWC T+20bp;
Deal Comments
Active Bookrunners: WFS(B&D), TRU. Passive Bookrunners: GSC, MIZ, MOS, ING
Federal Express Corp, FedEx Ground Package System Inc, FedEx Freight Corp, FedEx Freight Inc, FedEx Corporate Services, Inc. FedEx Office and Print Services Inc
Use of Proceeds
Repay debt and general corporate purposes

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