Mega Wisdom Global Ltd 2021-2

USD500.0002Jun-23Sr. Unsecured---FixedYLD-6.25-6.50%-6.25%-100.00000
Tranche Comments
2 yr: Registration: Reg S Only; Comments: USD500m 2yr 6.25% fxd. snr unsec, bmk RegS. Haitong Intl/HSBC/StCh/CLSA/Huatai/CMBC Cap/Huarong Intl/SPDBI/ABCI/Orient. 6.25% (#), 6.50% Area. Mixed;
Deal Comments
Guarantor: Sino-Ocean Capital Holding & Fortune Joy Ventures / Sino-Ocean Group Holding provides a letter of support
Use of Proceeds
Project investment and development and general corporate purposes.