Lafargeholcim Helvetia Finance Ltd (LHN) 2021-4

CHF145.0006Aug-27Sr. UnsecuredBaa2BBB-FixedSwapsMS+53-58MS+52-55520.13%-100.17900
CHF185.00010Aug-31Sr. UnsecuredBaa2BBB-FixedSwapsMS+68-73MS+65-68650.50%-100.19500
Tranche Comments
6 yr: Comments: CHF145m 0.125% 6yr snr unsec bmk public. With 10yr. Baa2/BBB. BNPP/CS/UBS/ZKB. IPTs MS+53/+58, bks open CHF125m+ at MS+52/+55 (Saron+58.3/+61.3/Eidg+71/+74/0.1%-0.13%). Upped to 140m+, came 145m at MS+52 (Saron+58.3/Eidg+71/0.095%). LEI: 529900F1VOCPF50VSS07 ; 10 yr: Comments: CHF185m 0.5% 10yr snr unsec bmk public. With 6yr. Baa2/BBB. BNPP/CS/UBS/ZKB. IPTs MS+68/+73, bks open CHF150m+ at MS+65/+68 (Saron+71.8/+74.8/Eidg+87/+90/0.485%-0.515%), exp 0.5% cpn. Upped to 175m+ at MS+65, . 3mPC. Came 185m at MS+65 / Saron+71.8 / Eidg+87 / 0.48%. LEI: 529900F1VOCPF50VSS07 ;
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