Comcast Corp (CMCSA) 2021-1

EUR1,250.0005Sep-26Sr. UnsecuredA3A-A-FixedSwapsMS+60 aMS+40 a350.00%-99.68600
EUR500.0008Sep-29Sr. UnsecuredA3A-A-FixedSwapsMS+70 aMS+50 a45 0.25%-99.14200
Tranche Comments
5 yr: Registration: Registered; Comments: EUR1.25bn; due 14 September 2026; cpn 0.00%; fpr 99.686; spread m/s+35bp; equivalent to Aug-2026 DBR+71.5bp; yield 0.063%; MWC @ B+10bp; 1mo par call; ISIN XS2385397901; 8 yr: Registration: Registered; Comments: EUR500m; due 14 September 2029; cpn 0.25%; fpr 99.142; spread m/s+45bp; equivalent to Aug-2029 DBR+82.8bp; yield 0.359%; MWC @ B+15bp; 3mo par call; ISIN XS2385398206;
Comcast Cable Communications LLC and NBCUniversal Media LLC
Use of Proceeds

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