RZD Capital PLC (RZDCP) 2021-3

CHF200.000---Ba1NRBB+FixedYLD3% a3%-3.13%-100.63800
Tranche Comments
P NC 6: Comments: CHF200m tap of 250m 3.125% PNC 2027 green hybrid, Ba1/NR/BB+/Sustainalytics 2PO. CS/Gaz/VTB. IPTs 3% area yield, bks open 100m+ set at 3% (Saron MS+329/Libor MS+322.5). 104 days AI. Initial/reset rate MS+343.9. Came 200m. Steps 25bp 2032, 75bp 2047;
Deal Comments
Green Hybrid Bond. CHF200m tap of 250m 3.125%.