Olam International Ltd (OLAM) 2021-7

SGD125.000---NRNR-VariableYLD100 a-100.25.38%-100.25000
Tranche Comments
P NC 5: Redemption: 2026-07-18; Registration: Reg S Only; Comments: SGD125m hybrid RegS Local. NR/NR. HSBC. IPT Px+100 area, final Px+100.25. LEI: 33D7DTWH8BNIUWE0IF81. Fees: 25c PB. If the notes are not called on July 18 2026, the coupon will reset and step up to the original 480.7bp spread over five-year SOR plus 200bp;
Deal Comments
Hybrid Bond. SGD125m tap of 5.375% P NC 5.
Use of Proceeds