Unedic (UNEDI) 2022-1

EUR1,000.00010.5Nov-32Sr. UnsecuredAa2-AAFixedOAT-OAT+25 a231.75%-99.20600
Tranche Comments
10.5 yr: Book size: 4200; First Pay: 2022-11-25; Registration: Reg S Only; Comments: EUR1bn Nov 2032 10yr social RegS. Aa2/NR/AA. Barc/BofA/CA-CIB/DB(B&D/DM)/SG. Guidance interp OATs +25 area, set +23, launch 1bn, bk >4.2bn ex-JLM, : FRTR 0% 25-May-2032 (@1.568% yld, HR 112%) & FRTR 1.25% 25-May-2034 (@1.710% yld). FTT 1.45pm. LEI: 969500V3L9W19NIA5E82;
Deal Comments
Social Bonds
Republic of France
Use of Proceeds
An amount equal to the proceeds will be exclusively used by Unédic to carry out its missions that meet the eligibility criteria described in Unédic Social Bond framework