Landesbank Saar (SaarLB) (SAARLB) 2022-2

EUR250.00010May-32---AAAFixedSwaps-MS+11 a111.75%-99.24800
Tranche Comments
10 yr: Book size: 340; Registration: Reg S Only; Comments: EUR250m WNG 10yr social Oepfa public sector pfandbrief. NR/NR/AAA/IMUG 2PO. Helaba/LBBW/Uni(B&D). Guidance MS+12 area revised MS+11 area (+/-1 WPIR), launch MS+11. Books 340m+ (25m JLM). B+83.0 bp vs DBR 0% 02/2032s (px 90,745 HR: 103%). FTT 12.25pm. LEI: 52990050SU0S4QQ4Z793;
Deal Comments
Covered, Social Bond
Use of Proceeds
Will be used for Social Bond Framework