SBAB Bank AB (publ) (SBAB) 2022-7

EUR750.0003.5Dec-25SeniorA1A-FixedSwapsMS+70 a-531.88%-99.92000
Tranche Comments
3.5 yr: Book size: 1350; Registration: Reg S Only; Comments: EUR750m 3.5yr bmk snr unsec Green SP RegS. A1/A. DZ/HSBC/Nordea/UBS. IPTs MS+70 area, set MS+53, launch 750m. Bks >1.3bn ex-JLM, peak >1.35bn, OBL 0% Oct-25 (#182) +126.2bps (spot: 97.890 / HR: 103%). FTT 3.20pm. LEI: H0YX5LBGKDVOWCXBZ594;
Deal Comments
Preferred Green Bond
Use of Proceeds
Accordance with SBAB Group's Green Bond Framework 2019