Ardagh Metal Packaging Finance USA LLC (AMPBEV) 2022-1

USD600.0005Jun-27Sr. SecuredBa2BBBBFixedTsy-6.00% a3066.00%-100.00000
Tranche Comments
5 yr: First Pay: 2022-12-15; Redemption: 2024-06-15; Registration: 144A/Reg S; Comments: USD600m bmk snr sec ESG/SRI/Green Green RegS/144A. Ba2/BB/BB. Citi/BofA/GS/Rabo/BNPP/Truist. PRICE TALK Yld 6.00% area, LAUNCH Yld 6.00% %, FINAL T+306. MWC: T+50. Equity Claw Back: 40% at par plus coupon within 2 years. CoC: Put at 101% of principal plus accrued interest. Tax Call: No. PP: No. XD: No. Call Schedule: 2024-06-15 @ 103.0%, 2025-06-15 @ 101.5%, 2026-06-15 and thereafter @ 100.0%. Reset Date: 2024-06-15;
Deal Comments
Green Bond
Use of Proceeds
General Corporate Purposes

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