Shanhai (Hong Kong) International Investments Ltd (SHNKH) 2022-2

USD60.0003Jun-25Sr. Unsecured--BBBFixedYLD6.10% a6.00%-5.00%-97.48767
Tranche Comments
3 yr: Registration: Reg S Only; Comments: US$60m tap of 250m 5% Jun 2025s RegS. BBB. GloCos CICC(struc/B&D)/CMBC Cap JBs Hua Xia/SPDB HK/CEB Intl/CISI/CNCB Capital/Guotai Junan/Dongxing/Industrial Bank Hong Kong/Central Wealth/China Vered. IPG Yld 6.1% area. FPG 6% the #. Priced 6%#. CoC: put at 101. LEI: 300300D8WPVL1SP9AS22;
Deal Comments
Green Bond. USD60m tap of USD250m 5.00% due 6/16/2025
Lianyungang Port Group Co Ltd
Use of Proceeds