Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) (RY) 2023-1

CHF200.0005Jan-28Sr. UnsecuredAa1AA-AA-FixedSwapsMS+82-85-822.44%10100.00000
Tranche Comments
5 yr: Book size: 200; Comments: CHF200m (upsized from CHF150m) 5yr snr unsec bmk. Aa1/AA-/AA-. IPTs MS+82/+85 for 150m+, came 200m MS+82, Eidg+120.3. PP: Yes. Distribution: Switz 100%. AM 47.59%, Bks/Tsy 45.9%, PF 3.75%, Retail/PB 1.77%, Ins 1%. Number of Accounts: 42. LEI: ES7IP3U3RHIGC71XBU11;
Deal Comments
Public Bond

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