Amag Leasing AG (AMGLE) 2023-1

CHF175.0002Sep-25Sr. Unsecured---FixedSwapsMS+140-150MS+145-1501452.80%-100.00000
CHF125.0005Feb-28Sr. Unsecured---FixedSwapsMS+160-170MS+165-1701703.09%-100.00000
Tranche Comments
2 yr: Comments: CHF175m long 2yr Sep 2025 part of 2-tr snr unsec. UBS/ZKB/RBI. IPTs L2yr Saron MS+140/+150. Guidance MS+145/+150 for min 125m. Set MS+145 for min 160m. Launch 175m. Govt.+181. LEI: 5067001ZV4R7N56G4O44; 5 yr: Comments: CHF125m long 5yr part of 2-tr snr unsec. UBS/ZKB/RBI. IPTs 5yr Saron MS+160/+170. Guidance MS+165/+170 for min 110m. Set MS+170 for min 125m. Launch 125m. Govt.+207. LEI: 5067001ZV4R7N56G4O44;