Caisse Amortissement De La Dette Sociale (CADES) (CADES) 2023-2

USD4,000.0003Jan-26-Aa2AA-AA (H)FixedSwapsMS+42 aMS+41 a394.00%-99.93000
Tranche Comments
3 yr: Book size: 11500; Registration: 144A/Reg S; Comments: USD4bn 3yr bmk social RegS/144A/3(c)(7). Aa2/AA/AAH. Barc/GS/HSBC/SG(B&D/DM). IPTs SOFR MS+42 area, guidance MS+41 area, set MS+39, launched 4bn. Books close 11.5bn+ (50m JLM). T 3.875% 01/26 + 28.425 . FTT 5:15pm. LEI: 969500P04DQJS4BPM574. Distribution: UK 31%, Amers 22.1%, APAC 19.5%, Eurozone 10.7%, Other Europe 9.2%, Africa 7.5%. CB/OI 43.7%, Bks 40.8%, Institutional 14%, Other 1.5%;
Deal Comments
Social Bond
Use of Proceeds
Refinancing of eligible social expenditures