PNC Financial Services Group Inc (PNC) 2023-1

USD1,250.0004Jan-27Sr. UnsecuredA3A-AVariableTsyT+125 aT+1001004.76%8100.00000
USD1,500.00011Jan-34Sr. UnsecuredA3A-AVariableTsyT+190 aT+1681685.07%5100.00000
Tranche Comments
4 yr: Book size: 3300; First Pay: 2023-07-26; Redemption: 2026-01-26; Registration: Registered; Comments: US$1.25bn 4.758% cpn 4NC3 at 100.00, yld 4.758%. T+100bp. Reset Date: 2026-01-26. Par Call: 1m. LEI: CFGNEKW0P8842LEUIA51; 11 yr: Book size: 6500; First Pay: 2023-07-26; Redemption: 2033-01-24; Registration: Registered; Comments: US$1.50bn 5.068% cpn 11NC10 at 100.00, yld 5.068%. T+168bp. Par Call: 3m. Reset Date: 2033-01-24. LEI: CFGNEKW0P8842LEUIA51;
Deal Comments
Green Bond (4yr)
Use of Proceeds
4yr: Financing of Eligible Green Projects; 11yr: General Corporate Purposes

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