iQera Group SAS (fka MCS Groupe SASU) (MCSGE) 2023-1

EUR500.0004Feb-27Sr. UnsecuredB2B+-Floating3mEu--6503mEu+650-100.00000
Tranche Comments
4 yr: First Pay: 2023-05-15; Redemption: 2024-02-15; Registration: Reg S Only; Comments: EUR500m (upsized from EUR425m) 4NC1 snr sec FRN RegS. B2/B+. Physical JPM. JBs BNPP/KKR/SG. Co-mgr Natx. With exchange for three 2024 bonds. Final 3mE+650 for 500m. Reset Date: 2024-02-15. MWC: Yes (B +50). CoC: 101%;
Use of Proceeds
Extend the maturities of a significant majority of the Existing Notes via raising Exchange Notes and fungible, equivalent economics New Cash Notes