Georg Jensen A/S (MOONL) 2023-1

EUR40.0002.25May-25Sr. Secured---Floating3mEu3mEu+725-7503mEu+700-7257003mEu+700-100.00000
Tranche Comments
2.25 yr: Book size: 90; Redemption: 2024-02-14; Comments: EUR40m WNG 2.25NC1 (37.5/25/12.5 of margin after 12/16/20m, 3mPC) FRN snr sec. DNB. IPTs 3mE+725/+750, guidance 3mE+700/+725 WPIR, launch 3mE+700. Books 90m+ (@IPTs), close 2pm. With exchange offer. Par Call: 3m. MWC: For 1st yr. CoC: 101%;
Use of Proceeds