Color Group AS (ONSUN) 2023-1

NOK900.0003.5Aug-26Sr. Unsecured---Floating3mN3mN+550-5753mN+525-5505253mN+525-100.00000
Tranche Comments
3.5 yr: Comments: NOK900m (Upsized from NOK750m) 3.5yr snr unsec FRN. Arctic(B&D)/Danske/DNB Markets/Nordea/SEB. IPTs 3mN+550/+575 for 500m-750m, guidance 3mN+525/+550 WPIR for 900m, launch 3mN+525. XD: Yes. LEI: 5967007LIEEXZX8PUW90;
Color Line AS
Use of Proceeds
Refinancing of outstanding debt and general corporate purposes