PepsiCo Inc (PEP) 2023-1

USD500.0003Feb-26Sr. UnsecuredA1A+-FixedTsyT+60 aT+35354.55%099.94200
USD350.0003Feb-26Sr. UnsecuredA1A+-FloatingSOFRSOFR+EquivSOFR+Equiv40SOFR+40-100.00000
USD650.0005May-28Sr. UnsecuredA1A+-FixedTsyT+75 aT+55554.45%599.86600
USD1,000.00010Feb-33Sr. UnsecuredA1A+-FixedTsyT+100 aT+75754.45%199.86400
USD500.00030Feb-53Sr. UnsecuredA1A+-FixedTsyT+115-120T+87.587.54.65%1.599.93600
Tranche Comments
3 yr: Book size: 1200; First Pay: 2023-08-13; Registration: Registered; Comments: US$500m 4.55% cpn 3yr FXD (2/13/26) at 99.942, yld 4.571%. Spread: T+35bp. MWC T+10bp. LEI: FJSUNZKFNQ5YPJ5OT455. Par Call: 1m; 3 yr: Book size: 600; First Pay: 2023-08-13; Redemption: 2026-01-13; Registration: Registered; Comments: US$350m 3yr FRN (2/13/26) at 100, floats at SOFR+40bp. LEI: FJSUNZKFNQ5YPJ5OT455; 5 yr: Book size: 1500; First Pay: 2023-11-15; Redemption: 2028-04-15; Registration: Registered; Comments: US$650m 4.45% cpn 5yr(5/15/28) at 99.866, yld 4.475%. Spread: T+55bp. MWC T+10bp. LEI: FJSUNZKFNQ5YPJ5OT455. Par Call: 1m; 10 yr: Book size: 2100; First Pay: 2023-08-15; Redemption: 2032-11-15; Registration: Registered; Comments: US$1bn 4.45% cpn 10yr (2/15/33)at 99.864, yld 4.467%. Spread: T+75bp. MWC T+15bp. LEI: FJSUNZKFNQ5YPJ5OT455. Par Call: 3m; 30 yr: Book size: 1300; First Pay: 2023-08-15; Redemption: 2052-08-15; Registration: Registered; Comments: U$500m 4.65% cpn 30yr (2/15/53) at 99.936, yld 4.654%. Spread T+87.5bp. MWC T+15bp. LEI: FJSUNZKFNQ5YPJ5OT455. Par Call: 5m;
Use of Proceeds
Repay debt and general corporate purposes

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