ABN Amro Bank NV (ABNANV) 2023-3

GBP500.0005Feb-28SeniorBaa1BBBAFixedGG+185 aG+1701705.13%-99.91600
Tranche Comments
5 yr: Book size: 725; Registration: Reg S Only; Comments: GBP500m 5yr green SNP bmk RegS. Baa1/BBB/A. ABN(B&D,DM)/Barc/HSBC/Lloyds/Nomura. IPTs UKT 0.125% Jan 2028 +185 area, set UKT+170, launch 500m. Final books 725m+ incl 30m JLM, at reoffer (peak 910m). UKT 0.125% 01/2028 @ 85.262 HR 107% UKT bid @ 85.233. Tax Call: Yes. Regulatory Call: Yes on MREL Disqualification Event. LEI: BFXS5XCH7N0Y05NIXW11;
Deal Comments
Green Non-Preferred Notes
Use of Proceeds
Will be allocated to Eligible Green Projects