Florida Power & Light Co (NEE) 2023-3

USD1,000.0005Apr-28-Aa2A+AA-FixedTsyT+110 aT+90905.05%799.87000
USD750.00010Apr-33-Aa2A+AA-FixedTsyT+140 aT+1201205.10%799.83800
USD750.00030Apr-53-Aa2A+AA-FixedTsyT+160 aT+1401405.30%599.50200
Tranche Comments
5 yr: Book size: 2900; First Pay: 2023-10-01; Redemption: 2028-03-01; Registration: Registered; Comments: US$1bn 5.05% cpn 5yr (4/01/28) at 99.870, yld 5.078%. Spread: T+90bp. MWC T+15bp. Par Call: 1m. LEI: A89MY1K3YLIGJMYWVX50; 10 yr: Book size: 2200; First Pay: 2023-10-01; Redemption: 2033-01-01; Registration: Registered; Comments: US$750m 5.10% cpn 10yr (4/01/33) at 99.838, yld 5.12%. Spread: T+120bp. MWC T+20bp. Par Call: 3m. LEI: A89MY1K3YLIGJMYWVX50; 30 yr: Book size: 2600; First Pay: 2023-10-01; Redemption: 2052-10-01; Registration: Registered; Comments: US$750m 5.30% cpn 30yr (4/01/53) at 99.502, yld 5.333%. Spread: T+140bp. MWC T+25bp. Par Call: 6m. LEI: A89MY1K3YLIGJMYWVX50;
Deal Comments
First Mortgage Bond. Active Bookrunners: CTI(B&D), BNP, CAG, GSC, KEY, MIZ. Passive Bookrunners: ANZ, BRC, BBV, BAM, CSG, FTB, JPM, MOS, MUF, PNC, RBC, REG, SNT, SMB, TRU, USB, WFS
Use of Proceeds
Repay outstanding commercial paper and for general corporate purposes

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