Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) (RY) 2023-9

USD1,600.0002Apr-25Sr. UnsecuredA1AAA-FixedTsyT+110 aT+85854.95%1599.93500
USD900.00010May-33Sr. UnsecuredA1AAA-FixedTsyT+170 aT+1521525.00%1099.78900
Tranche Comments
2 yr: First Pay: 2023-10-25; Registration: Registered; Comments: US$1.6bn 4.95% cpn 2yr FXD at 99.935, yld 4.985%. T+85bp. LEI: ES7IP3U3RHIGC71XBU11; 10 yr: First Pay: 2023-11-02; Registration: Registered; Comments: US$900m 5.00% cpn 10yr at 99.789, yld 5.027%. T+152bp. MWC T+25bp. LEI: ES7IP3U3RHIGC71XBU11;
Deal Comments
Total Book Size: US$4.7bn
Use of Proceeds
General Corporate Purposes

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