Yorkshire Building Society (YBS) 2023-1

GBP350.0005.5Nov-28SeniorBaa2-A-FixedGG+275 a-2656.38%-99.79900
Tranche Comments
5.5 yr: Book size: 460; Redemption: 2027-11-15; Registration: Reg S Only; Comments: GBP350m 5.5NC4.5 SNP bmk RegS. Baa2/NR/A-. Barclays/HSBC/NatWest(B&D)/UBS. IPTs UKT 1.250% Jul 2027 +275 area, launch 350m at UKT+265. Books 460m+ (Peak 620m+). UKT 1.250% 07/2027 (mid 90.541, bid 90.520), HR 107%. With tender offer on GBP 275m SNP notes. Tax Call: Yes. Regulatory Call: Yes on Loss Absorption Disqualification Event. Reset Date: 2027-11-15. LEI: WXD0EHQRPI7HKN3I5T57;
Deal Comments
Non-Preferred Notes
Yorkshire Building Society Covered Bonds LLP
Use of Proceeds
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