Crown European Holdings SA (CCK) 2023-1

EUR500.0005-Sr. UnsecuredBa1BB+-FixedB-5.00-5.125%273.95.00%-100.00000
Tranche Comments
5 yr: Registration: 144A/Reg S; Comments: EUR500m (upsized from EUR400m) 5yr (NCL) snr sec RegS/144A. Ba1/BB+. Actives BNPP(B&D)/DB/Uni, passives BofA/Citi/CA-CIB/Miz/Santan/Scotia/SMBC/TD/WFS, comans HCM/ING/MUFG/PNC/Rabo. Price talk 5.25% area (+/- 12.5), revised 5%/5.125% WPIR for 500m. Came 5% OBL#187 2.2% 4/28+279.9. LEI: 85OKW2SW05RZFQS1W718. Par Call: 1m. CoC: 101% upon Change of Control Repurchase Event;
Deal Comments
Active Bookrunners: BNP(B&D), DEU, UNI. Passive Bookrunners: BAM, CTI, CAG, MIZ, SNT, SCO, SMB, TDS, WFS
Crown Holdings Inc and each of Crown’s U.S. subsidiaries together with subsidiaries situated in Canada, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Mexico, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the United Kingdom (subject to certain exceptions)
Use of Proceeds
Repay debt