Odfjell Rig III Ltd 2023-1

USD390.0005May-28Sr. SecuredB2B+-FixedYLD9.25-9.50%9.125-9.25%-9.25%-100.00000
Tranche Comments
5 yr: Redemption: 2025-11-30; Comments: USD390m 5NC2.5 snr sec 1st lien. B2/B+/NR. DNB Markets(GloCo/B&D)/Danske/SpareBank 1 CMI/ABG/Fearnleys. IPTs yield 9.25%/9.5%, guidance 9.125%-9.25% WPIR, set 9.25%. Calls 104.625/103.700/102.775/101.388/100.463% after 30/36/42/48/54 months. MWC: yes first 30m. CoC: 101%ю Reset Date: 2025-11-30;
Deal Comments
1st Lien
Use of Proceeds
Refinancing and general corporate purposes