Luminor Bank AS (NDAFI) 2023-5

EUR300.0004Jun-27SeniorBaa1--FixedSwaps7.75% a-447.17.75%50100.00000
Tranche Comments
4 yr: Book size: 350; Redemption: 2026-06-08; Registration: Reg S Only; Comments: EUR300m WNG 4NC3 SP RegS. Baa1/NR/NR. CMZ(B&D)/DNB(log)/JPM/Luminor. IPTs yield 7.75% area (equiv MS+450), launch 7.75% at 300m. Final books ~350m. OBL 0% 04/10/2026 (2.532%) B+521.8. FRN at 3mE+447. With tender for EUR Aug & Dec 2024. FTT: 3:45pm. Tax Call: Yes. Reset Date: 2026-06-08. Regulatory Call: Upon occurrence of an MREL Disqualification Event, a Capital Event. LEI: 213800JDOTKJMCUB1M79;
Deal Comments
Preferred Notes