Ile-de-France Mobilites (IDF Mobilites) 2023-3

EUR500.00015Jun-38Sr. UnsecuredAa3--FixedOAT-OAT+48 a453.70%-99.90900
Tranche Comments
15 yr: Book size: 4500; Registration: Reg S Only; Comments: EUR500m 15yr green bmk snr unsec RegS. Aa3/NR/NR. CA-CIB/BNPP/Natx/Nomura/SG(B&D/DM). Guidance OAT 1.25% 05/38 (mid) +48 area, set OAT+45, launch 500m. Books 4.5bn+ (200m JLM). OAT 1.25% 05/38, 3.258% (mid) / HR 113%. FFT: 2:15pm. LEI: 969500A5KNK9VZQKNQ79;
Deal Comments
Green Bond
Use of Proceeds
To finance eligible projects