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USD900.0003Jan-26Sr. UnsecuredA1--FixedTsyT+110 aT+61614.50%-99.80300
CNY2,500.0002Jan-25Sr. UnsecuredA1--FixedYLD3.50% a3.00%-3.00%-100.00000
USD600.0003Jan-26Sr. UnsecuredA1--FloatingSOFRSOFR+140 aSOFR+9393SOFR+93-100.00000
AUD500.0003Jan-26Sr. UnsecuredA1--Floating3mBBSW-3mBBSW+105 a1033mBBSW+103-100.00000
Tranche Comments
3 yr: Book size: 1900; Registration: Reg S Only; Comments: USD900m 3yr bmk snr unsec green RegS. A1. ICBC/ABChina/BoC/BoCom/CCBAsia/CA-CIB/StCh/HSBC(B&D)/CCBI/CNCBI/EverbrightHK/CICC/Citi/CITIC/CMBI/WingLung/CMBCCap/CNCBCap/DBS/IndustrialHK/Miz/SPDB HK/SMBCNikko/BEA. IPG T+110 area, FPG T+61 #, launch 900m. Books 1.9bn+ (1.01bn JLM). T 3.875% 01/26, 99-24.25 | 3.961, T 4.25% 12/24, 99-31.125 | 4.264 ; 2 yr: Registration: Reg S Only; Comments: CNH2.5bn 2yr snr unsec green RegS. A1. ICBC/ABChina/ANZ/BoC/BoCom/CA-CIB(B&D)/StCh/DBS/Miz/CCBSing/CNCBI/EverbrightHK/CICC/CMBC/CSI/CITIC/Citi/WingLung/CMBCCap/HSBC/MUFG/SMBCNikko. IPG Yld 3.5% area, FPG Yld 3% #, launch 2.5bn.; 3 yr: Registration: Reg S Only; Comments: USD600m 3yr snr unsec green FRN RegS. A1. CA-CIB/ENBD/ICBC/HSBC/Miz/StCh/ABCHK/ANZ/BoC/BoCom/CNCBI/CCBAsia/CICC/CMBCCap/CMBCHK/CSI/Citi/UOB/IndustrialHK. IPG SOFR+140 area, FPG SOFR+93 #, launch 600m. Distribution: Asia 84%, Mena 15%, EU/offshore US 1%. Bk/FI 95%, FM/SWF 4%, INS/PB 1%; 3 yr: Comments: AUD500m 3yr snr unsec green. A1/A. ANZ/BoC/CBA/ICBC/Miz/NAB/WBC. Guidance 3mBBSW+108 area, revised guidance 3mBBSW+105 area, final 3mBBSW+103;
Deal Comments
Green Bond. Issuer (3yr USD900m): Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd (Hong Kong Branch). Issuer (2yr): Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd (Singapore Branch). Issuer (3yr AUD500m): ICBC (Sydney Branch). Joint Bookrunners: 3yr USD900m: ICB, ABC, BOC, BCI, CCB, CAG, STC, HSB, CBI, CVR, CIC, CTI, CTC, CMB, WNG, CMC, CHK, IND, MIZ, SPD, SMB, BEA; 2yr: BOC, ICB, ABC, CAG, DBS, MIZ, STC, ANZ, BCI, CCB, CBI, CVR, CIC, CMG, CSI, CTC, CTI, CMB, CMC, HSB, MUF, SMB. 3yr USD600: CAG, EMN, HSB, ICB, MIZ, STC, ABC, ANZ, BOC, BOC, BCI, CBI, CCB, CIC, CMG, CMC, CTI, CSI, IND, UOB; 3yr AUD500m: ANZ, BOC, CBA, ICB, MIZ, NAB, WBC
Use of Proceeds
3yr USD fixed, 2yr CNH, 3yr USD FRN: General Corporate Purposes; 3yr AUD: Refinancing


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