Liberty Costa Rica Senior Secured Finance 2023-1

USD400.0008Jan-31Sr. SecuredB2B+-FixedYLD11.00% a--10.88%-100.00000
Tranche Comments
8 yr: First Pay: 2023-07-15; Redemption: 2026-01-15; Registration: 144A/Reg S; Comments: US$400m 10.875% cpn 8NC3 at 100.00, yld 10.877%. MWC T+50bp prior to 1/15/26, and then 105.438, 102.719, 100.00. Equity redemption: Prior to 1/15/26, up to 40% may be redeemed at 110.875%. From 7/15/28, and thereafter, the interest rate applicable on the Notes will increase by 0.125% per annum for each of the Sustainability Performance Targets not achieved by no later than 12/31/27. Prior to 1/15/26, up to 10% of the original aggregate principal amount of the Notes per 12 month period at 103.00%. Reset Date: 2026-01-15. 3(c)(7);
Deal Comments
Sustainability-Linked Notes
Use of Proceeds
Repay loans and general corporate purposes