Hyundai Capital Services Inc (HYNMTR) 2023-3

CHF200.0003May-26Sr. Unsecured-BBB+BBB+FixedSwapsMS+88-90MS+85-88852.75%12.5100.00000
Tranche Comments
3 yr: Book size: 200; Comments: CHF200m (upsized from CHF100m) 3yr snr unsec. NR/BBB+/BBB+. UBS sole. IPTs MS+88/+90 revised MS+85/+88 WPIR, bks closed 160m+. Came 200m 2.7475% at MS+85 / Eidg+172 / 2.748%. PP: Yes. XD: Yes. LEI: 549300MALMDAGL2ZJJ27.Distribution: Switz 100%. Bks/PB 43%, AM 22%, Ins 16%, Tsy 12%, PF 8%;
Deal Comments
Green Bond
Use of Proceeds
Provision of loans and other financial services to customers for purchasing, leasing and trading in zero-emission vehicles